Network Marketing and Stigma

So the funny thing about deciding to venture into the world of network marketing is that, pretty quickly, you start to get the questions and the comments and you realize that a lot of people think you’ve lost your mind.

Okay, well maybe not that dramatic. But a lot of people question you.

They question you […]

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The Other Seven Habits

This is a good article, and timely since I have been re-learning the 7 Habits of Highly Successful People.

Here are the 7 Habits of Chronically Unhappy People.

Yeah, I have been guilty of a few of these. Everyone has. Being aware that you have fallen into a pattern of negative thinking is the first step. […]

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The Vegan Aspect of Arbonne

This was a great article on vegan chef Matthew Kennedy. I liked it for all sorts of reasons, but what I loved most was this snippet, a response to the notion of using scare tactics to turn carnivores into vegans:
I don’t think scare tactics work. I think when the plants are displayed in a […]

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Re-reading is Part of Sharpening the Saw

I’m doing a lot of driving these days, and not always happily so… truth be told.

So I decided to buy some learning (even, maybe, motivational) CDs for the road. One of them is the classic The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.

I put the CD in, some music comes on and an intro and then […]

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Jack of All, Master of None

It’s a funny thing, that saying. Jack of all, master of none.

In the last few years of my life, I’ve really about-faced on this concept. I used to believe in it wholeheartedly. And don’t get me wrong, I still believe in (and, actually, swear by) the concept of mastery. I hate to see anyone […]

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